domenica 8 novembre 2015

Beetroot and Chocolate Cupcakes

Today I'm back with a yummy post! It is gonna be a cupcake recipe, perfect for this time of the year!!
Let's start!
The recipe is the one of the Hummingbird bakery  cake days book.

giovedì 29 ottobre 2015

Weekend away


Last weekend I took a trip away, I went to Umbria. On saturday I visited Perugia, there was the Eurochocolate festival,and so a lot of chocolate YUM!!

Saying that I'm back again..


In the last post I said that I was back, but this last two months have been so busy. In semptember I passed my university test, so now I'm enrolled in Venice university to do the master of science, I'm studying International management. So I had to figure out a lot of things for the enrollment and how things worked. 
This week I had an exam so I was pretty busy studying for it, plus till last week I was working during the entire week, now I'm working only during weekends, therefore I will have more time to study and moreover to write on the blog. 
I've already got some ideas for some posts and I hope to be able to stick to them!

This time I am back!

 Farcky's World

domenica 2 agosto 2015

I'm back...with a small haul


It has been a while since the last time I blogged here, but I was not inspired to write, I've tried to force myself to write, but nothing decent came out, so I preferred not to post anything.

But, the other day I went shopping and now I want to share with you the few things that I bought, not to show off or something, but just for the pleasure of sharing.

mercoledì 22 aprile 2015


As I wrote in the other post, the other day I participated in a Make-Up lesson by smashbox and I also bought a new make-up product and some skincare.

Smashbox MakeUp School

I'm back!

The other day I participated in a make up lesson by Smashbox.

Sometime ago I received an e-mail illustrating this new project by smashbox in collaboration with LaGardenia Profumerie and I decided to give it a go, I love make-up and I'm always interested in learning something new.

The topic of the lesson was "Camera ready" so long lasting make-up.

martedì 7 aprile 2015


this time I'm here with some empty products. Just two to be honest, but since I moved back home from university I had to throw away the empty bottles, it would have made no sense to bring them home.